measuring distances by amino acid composition

Thorsten Burmester thorsten at
Mon Jan 10 12:27:10 EST 2000

James McInerney wrote:
> Thorsten,
> One of the programs in the molphy package calculates amino acid distance matrices.
> There is a reference ot it on Joe Felsenstein's webpage:

Thanks. I have MOLPHY. However, the program PROTST.EXE does not estimate
distances but plain aa composition. I would like to estimate distances
based on the aa compositions of the different proteins.

> I can send you a macintosh version of my program GCUA that will do this,
> although it needs fasta-formatted protein-coding DNA sequences as input
> (it converts to proteins and then calculates a distance matrix).

Unfortunately, I don't have a Mac. UNIX or DOS are always welcome.


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