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Korbinian Strimmer korbinian.strimmer at
Thu Jul 20 10:44:08 EST 2000

ANNOUNCEMENT (July 20 2000)

Version 1.0 of PAL (Phylogenetic Analysis Libary) has been released at
The PAL project is a collaborative effort dedicated to create a high
quality Java library for use in molecular evolution and phylogenetics. 
This release of PAL consists of 116 public classes and interfaces
in 13 packages with a total of more than 22,000 lines of code.

PAL provides a rich variety of objects and methods, e.g., for coalescent
simulation and demographic models, evolutionary substitution models,
data structures for trees, maximum-likelihood estimation of branch
lengths and pairwise distances etc.  

Please refer to the API documentation

for a detailed description of all classes and methods available.

The PAL Development Core Team

 Alexei Drummond
 Korbinian Strimmer

Packages that rely (in part) on PAL for their functionality:

Vanilla:  A simple command line frontend to PAL
Pebble:   A GUI interface to PAL plus a functional command language


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