distance models

Rodo slr at minervaux2.fciencias.unam.mx
Mon Apr 2 14:47:27 EST 2001


I'm trying to test rate homogeneity between distances of severeal DNA
sequences using different models of nucleotide substitution, does anybody
knows any computer program where this can be done? This is, I'm searching 
a kind of Phyltest but with more models for calculate distances.
	A second possibility  is a program where I can calculate variance
and standard deviation using different models from Kimura and Jukes

 thanks in advance

Biol. Rodolfo Salas Lizana
Instituto de Ecologia, UNAM
56 22 90 39 (Lab. genetica)
56 22 90 01
slr at minervaux2.fciencias.unam.mx
mads at miranda.ecologia.unam.mx


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