Combining DNA and allozyme data

Bob Friedman friedmar at
Wed Apr 11 11:10:55 EST 2001

The difficulty is deciding how you will weigh the allozyme data against the
DNA sequences.  PAUP handles any characters (such as non DNA), so you could
add the allozyme data to the end of your aligned DNA sequence in a proper
proportion to DNA sequence information.  The alternate is seeing if the two
trees are topologically similar.  Lastly, you could use multivariate
statistics, such as PCA (principle components analysis), and then construct
an UPGMA tree on the resultant matrix, as done in MINITAB.
Bob Friedman

"Frank Halley" <fhalley at> wrote in message
news:9aspt1$96a$1 at
> Is it possible to combine separate DNA sequence files and allozyme files
> the same species) in PAUP and analyse them together to produce one
> phylogenetic tree?


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