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DeWoody, Andrew dewoody at
Tue Apr 17 09:57:13 EST 2001

A technical/managerial position is available immediately in J. Andrew
DeWoody's lab at Purdue University.  The incumbent will oversee day-to-day
business in the laboratory, including:  coordination of lab personnel,
organizing supplies and equipment, solving technical problems, and
performing basic molecular biology tasks such as DNA isolation, PCR, and
electrophoresis.  Strong molecular skills are thus desired but not
required--training can be provided.  The position also entails general
laboratory management (e.g., purchasing and safety).  There may be some
opportunities for independent research within the scope of evolutionary
biology.  The lab is well-equipped and includes an automated DNA extractor,
a liquid-handling robot, and seven automated DNA sequencers.  Salary and
benefits are very competitive.  West Lafayette (an hour from Indianapolis
and two hours from Chicago) is a vibrant academic community with a
population of roughly 50,000, two-thirds of whom are Purdue students.  The
position will remain open until filled.  Quote source code WLAD1159.221 and
send applications to J. Andrew DeWoody, Dept. of Forestry & Natural
Resources, 1159 Forestry Building, Purdue University, West Lafayette IN
47907-1159.  Women and minorities are encouraged to apply.  Purdue
University is an equal opportunity affirmative action employer.

J. Andrew DeWoody
Dept. of Forestry & Natural Resources
1159 Forestry Building
Purdue University
West Lafayette IN 47907-1159
765-496-2422 (fax)
dewoody at


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