3rd YOUNG SYSTEMATISTS FORUM - December 2001 At the Natural History

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Sat Apr 28 09:07:57 EST 2001


                               THE 3nd
                       YOUNG SYSTEMATISTS FORUM
                        Thursday, 6 December 2001
                      The Natural History Museum
                           London SW7 5BD, UK

Studying the diversity of life and the historical relationships between living
organisms and/or parts of their genomes (e.g. genes) represents arguably some
of the most important and fascinating aspects of biology, investigations of
interest on their own right but possibly even more interesting through
fertile dialogs between all fields of biology. Never before so much data has
been produced from so many diverse forms of life and new analytic methods
allowing to further increase our knowledge of life's complex history, amazing
diversity, and the subtleties of the evolutionary processes shaping this
diversity. The Young Systematists Forum represents an informal setting for
postgraduates to present their projects focusing either on the systematics
of specific taxa and/or on methodological issues of phylogenetic inference
and comparative biology. It will provide an opportunity for young systematists
to present their ideas to their peers in a relatively informal setting to
promote discussion and support innovation.

Registration is free, but please let us know if you wish to attend by the
15th of Ocotber by sending us - e-mail please - your name, contact address
and whether
or not you wish to give a presentation, and if so add an abstract (see below).
Up to 20 speakers will be enroled.

Must be submitted no later than October the 15th 2001. First come first
served! Abstracts
should preferably be submitted by e-mail - please avoid attachment files.
Abstract must not exceed 200
words in length and should not include references and footnotes. If the
is multi-authored, then the actual speaker must be clearly indicated. All
attendants will receive by e-mail the list of the abstracts a week in
advance and will put
on the Systematics Association www page.

Abstract format
Diversity of Sicilian moth: phylogenetic perspectives from molecular and
ultrastructural data
R. Monk1  and N. Hirst2. Department of Paleaontology1 and Department of
Flying Arthropods2,
The National Museum of Biology. Bigwell Place, London SW3 TF4, UK.
Abstract text, no more then 200 words!!!

The presentations will be 15 minutes long, followed by a few minutes for
discussion. Slide,
overhead projectors and a Mac and PC compatible computer projector will be
available. PLEASE Make
sure you specify with your abstract which one you plan to use.

For last year's program (with abstracts) and for additional information on
the meeting and
The Systematics Association go to:


Or contact us

All the best

Dr David S. Horner    tel: +44-(0)207-942-5902   email:dsh at nhm.ac.uk
Dr Robert P. Hirt     tel: +44-(0)207-942-5901   email:rch at nhm.ac.uk
		      fax: +44-(0)207-942-5054

Systematics Association Council Members

Dept of Zoology, Natural History Museum   fax:+44-(0)207-942-5054
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Systematics Association web page: http://www.systass.org/

Also have a look at: http://www.bioinf.org/molsys/


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