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> I'm interested in "succint" comparison/critique of the various
> algorithms/programs available for phylogenetic-type sequence analyses.
> I understand this may be like asking for a "succint" critique of
> Mozart, but still...
> In particular - is there a way to assess the "error" or confidence
> level in a tree?  I understand there are some outputs that indicate
> the percentage of bootstrap trees that give the final tree shape.
> Also- how does one interpret the vertical and horizontal distances
> in rooted dendograms as, for example, output from Treeview?
> -John Rodgers, a novice.
> Baylor College of Medicine
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You can check out the Molecular Systematics and Evolution website:

where we have powerpoint presentations, pdf files, help files, manuals,
practicals, a glossary and more, relating to phylogenetic inference methods,
their biases, problems associated with them, and more.


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