modelling on Power Mac?

Morgan Ryan morgan at
Fri Dec 2 08:54:59 EST 1994

I just traded up my Mac to a 6100 PowerPC. Nice! But suddenly I have only
one working molecular graphics program, RasMol, which has a native PPC
version. MolView and MacMolecule are amazingly slow in emulation on the
PPC (The PPC has its own math coprocessor, but it doesn't coprocess when
emulating 68k...even speedy little MacMolecule takes minutes to come up). 
	Do I have any other options? Has anyone ported MolScript to PPC? 
Are there any other programs available that I don't know about? (I've 
read the faq's and gone to NIH etc. I'm wondering if there is something 
newer around that hasn't been inserted in the usual online guides.)
	Also, is there a freeware modeller in existence that works like
Ball-and-Stick? I'm just a hobbyist--can't afford lots of money for
molecular software. What do people put on the well-equipped freeware Mac
molecular graphics machine besides RasMol, MolView, MacMolecule and 
MacBabel? Anything? Thanks. Morgan Ryan / morgan at

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