Structure of DNA

Josh Rubin jnr at
Mon Dec 12 19:09:53 EST 1994

Andrew Dalke writes:

>In article <3cfrn7$ik6 at> jnr at (Josh Rubin) writes:

>>I would appreciate it if anyone would email me the basic physical
>>dimensions of a DNA molecule, e.g., how many pairs of bases
>>make one complete 360-degree turn,

>  Not meaning disrespect or anything but ...
>  Are you asking us to do your homework?

Well, no . . .

I want to model the molecule for fun using Alias Sketch!, a
computer graphics program that runs on a Mac.  It's not my
day job and it's not homework.  I've created a reasonable
facsimile using dimensions from illustrations, but I don't
know if these are accurate.


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