(fwd) Molecular Modelling on a PC

Cyber Stud kage at osuunx.ucc.okstate.edu
Tue Jul 5 13:00:41 EST 1994

   I dealt with a program called kinemage or magekine or something like
that a while ago.  I can't tell you too much about it except that it at
least displayed models on a pc...both and ibm clone and a mac (two diff
versions).  It seemed interesting enough to spend some time on but I 
dropped it when I determined that it couldn't read PDB formated files
from brookhaven.  Anyway, that's one lead for you.  I don't know, but
I seriously doubt you will find a descent program that will handle
minimizations and/or dynamics on a PC.  If you do...PLEASE post it here
and I'll eat my words...I'm not a computer expert...but it seems to me
that these sorts of computations are incredibly intense even for a very
small molecule.

   My advice is to get an account on some machine that will run Charmm
something like that and just dial in from the PC.  Anyway, good luck.

Ross Keener
v369 at rem.re.uokhsc.edu

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