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: Hi

: I am posting this query on behalf of a colleague who is relatively
: new to the world of PCs. He would like to know of any PC program
: for molecular modelling of smallish (300-400MWT) molecules, including
: energy minimisation. I had a quick check of previous messages but
: didn't find any programs. Both free and  commercial are of interest
: along with any comments you have about each program. I'll post a
: summary if I get a reasonable response.

: Thanks

       Try HYPERCHEM. It is relatively inexpensive and the new version
       contains nice QSAR implementations. It is mainly geared towards
       small molecule modeling, although it has some protein-directed
       force-fields (AMBER, if I recall correctly). I have only used it
       in a 33-486 PC, where it is pretty useless for large molecules.
        I understand that a version for alphaPC's is being developed,
       that could be considerably faster.



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