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sondleen at (Rik Leenders) wrote
>> i've been reading _dynamics_of_proteins_and_nucleic_acids_ by mccammon and 
>> harvey for a seminar i'm giving on brownian dynamics, and it's good stuff.
>> unfortunately, it was published in 1987, and i'm sure that advances have been
>> made in the past seven years.  can anybody point me towards a source more 
>> current (1991-now) covering similar material?  review articles, etc?
>Maybe you should read A.E. Mark and W.F. van Gunsteren. I believe it was
>published in J. Chem Phys. (early 1993).

Don't know if that is the article you are looking for.  That
article really has nothing much to do with Brownian dynamics.
If you are looking for a review from van Gunsteren, you
probably want:

 van Gunsteren, W.F. and Berendsen, H.J.C., (1990) Angewandte
 Chemie Int. Ed. Engl. 29, 922-1023.
 Computer Simulation of Molecular Dynamics: Methodology,
 Applications and Perspectives in Chemistry.

also from Wilfred, you might want to check out what he wrote
for Current Opinion... In some ways this is better than a real
review, since it is mostly a consumers guide to other peoples
 van Gunsteren, W.F. (1993) Current Opinion in Structural
 Biology, 3, 277-281.
 Molecular Dynamics Studies of Proteins.

although looking at the original question, it might be
light on Brownian dynamics specifically if that is what you want.

There will be a bucketload of reviews from other people, these
are just two references that happen to be handy.
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