amino acids per domain

Rachelle J. Bienstock rachelle at
Mon Jul 25 13:38:53 EST 1994

Paul Yadlowsky , you may want to check out what Laura Lynn Walsh at 
the Beckman Institute University of Illinois has done.  She has compiled
a complete  Annotated Guide to the PDB, which contains in an abbreviated
form all kinds of information regarding numbers of chains, domains,
residues in each structure.  You could write a program to search this
file and pull out the information you want concerning whether statistically
are 200 amino acid proteins liable to be in one or more chains...

You can obtain this annotated guide to the PDB via anonymous ftp:
cd /pub/chemistry/documents/PDB/PDB_file_list
get pdb_annot_jan94.txt
get pdb_annot_jan94
get pdb_seq_rel_jan94

for further info Laura Walsh's e-mail address is lwalsh at

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