AbM problem?

Stas Philippe philstas at vub.ac.be
Thu Jun 30 02:33:06 EST 1994


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Philippe Stas

>I am trying to get Oxford Molecular's AbM V2.0 to work on an SG Indigo machine.
>It runs, and seems to do most of its job, but invariably crashes in the final
>run of congen/eureka screening... Its very frustrating to get so far and then
>dump out with "unknown error" messages... I surmise that the modelling
>parameters need to be changed in order to reduce the number of possible
>structures generated by congen, since I think it is a memory problem that is
>killing the program, but as a beginner modeller, I don't know what and to what
>extent to change the variables...
>I'd like to hear from anyone who has experience with AbM, or news of
>alternative packages that can turn sequence data into a reasonable .pdb file
>that can be displayed in Pimms or RasMol etc...
>Any help much appreciated - please reply by email to mdo4 at le.ac.uk , as I don't
>recieve a news feed.
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