Homology modelling

Kaspar Hauser MD 95mhn at williams.edu
Sun Oct 2 20:25:00 EST 1994

	Does anyone have any experience producing a very crude
structural hypothesis from sequence data?  We have Sybyl, but I've
been unable to get the Homology modeler to produce adequate results.
The situation is this:  I have a sequence-structure coordinate file of
a protein with > 85 % homology to the protein I want to make a
structure for, but Sybyl complains about not having enough short
regions of homology!  Are there any free programs that can do this?
I've tried Sybyls built in structure-seq database, and constructed my
own database with many similar proteins and just the resolved protein
with homology.  Any suggestions or references would be appreciated,

				Max Nanao
				95mhn at cc.williams.edu
				nanao at ochre.mgh.harvard.edu

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