Speakers Wanted

James D. Shannon act at iglou.iglou.com
Wed Oct 5 14:49:25 EST 1994

Advanced ChemTech, Inc., a leading manufacturer of fine organic chemicals 
and synthetic peptides, is seeking speakers to present at a conference 
that they are sponsoring on Friday, December 2, 1994 (location to be 
announced).  Qualified candidates are those working in the area of 
organic chemistry with emphasis on combinatorial libraries and/or the 
heating and cooling of reactions.  Please contact Larry Jones at 
1-800-456-1403 or send e-mail to act at iglou.com for further information.
<> Advanced ChemTech, Inc.  (act at iglou.com) <>
<> 5609 Fern Valley Road                    <>
<> Louisville, KY 40228-1075 USA            <>

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