Homology modelling

A. Sheppard mbasd at s-crim1.dl.ac.uk
Thu Oct 13 13:41:22 EST 1994

Kaspar Hauser MD (95mhn at williams.edu) wrote:
: Hello,
: 	Does anyone have any experience producing a very crude
: structural hypothesis from sequence data?  We have Sybyl, but I've

[deleted lines}
: I've tried Sybyls built in structure-seq database, and constructed my
: own database with many similar proteins and just the resolved protein
: with homology.  Any suggestions or references would be appreciated,

: 				Max Nanao
: 				95mhn at cc.williams.edu
: 				nanao at ochre.mgh.harvard.edu


Why not just directly substitute each residue [i.e. 'mutate' in Sybyl]
in your protein of know structure for the residue in your target? If
your target has 85% sequence similarity, this seems like a reasonable
thing to do. Any other readers have comments about the validity of this?

Andy Sheppard
mbasd at seqnet.dl.ac.uk

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