HELP: need a program to build a protein backbone from phi psi angles

Hoa Ton-That hoa at cwxtl
Mon Oct 17 09:02:05 EST 1994

        I'm trying to incorperate a subroutine into one of my programs that willbuild a protein from the torsion angles.  I've looked at the article by
Jan Hermans in Methods in ENZOMOLOGY 115 pg 171.  But the algorithm seems
to give me an incorrect model (ie if i input -180,-180 phi and psi angles
i get 180,180 build backbone).  If anyone knows of any freely availible
programs (with source) for doing such a thing could I love to hear about
them.  Or any other good papers on the subject would most likely help.

Thanks in advance,
Hoa Ton-That
hoa at
hoa at

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