Molecular Modelling Programs ?

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|> Hiho !
|> Is there any FAQ or list about all (or at least many) different programs
|> for molecular modelling, which can be run on PCs (DOS/WIN) or on real
|> computers (alpha, SGI, SUN,...) ;-)  ? Doesn't matter, wether they are
|> PD or Shareware or have to be well payed (Insight,...).
|> Please answer me by PM, thanks ! Any hints are welcome, even commercial ones !
|> Greetings from germany,    tilman

Best would be: 1) name of the program
               2) from which software house ?
               3) for which system/computers ?
               4) price ?
               5) where to get it ?
               6) comments/hints !?

Why not try the BioCatalog ? For the last ~2 years, we have been collecting
a software directory of general interest in molecular biology and genetics,
 and distributing it on the Internet. I am sure you will find a lot of
there and because we cannot maintain this directory up-to-date without the help
of the community, we would very much welcome any corrections, comments or new 
information : send it to patricia.rodriguez-tome at

You can access the biocatalog at :
The text files are in the EBI ftp anonymous server :
URL is

A new version of the catalog will soon be available on the EBI Web server
(URL :

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