Phi/Psi to Cartesian conversion.

Christoph Weber cweber at
Fri Sep 30 10:03:01 EST 1994

M.E. Clamp (mbclm at wrote:
: Hello,

: Does anyone have or know the whereabouts of any code to convert dihedrals to
: cartesian coordinates.  I know that Brookhaven has a program to convert
: coords to dihedrals but nothing on the reverse transformation.

: Thank you

: Michele Clamp

As part of the DIANA distance geometry program, one gets COFIMA (COordinate 
FIle MAnipulation), which can among other things take an angle file and 
calculate coordinates from it. Being an ASCII file, this angle file should be
trivial to construct from scratch, or from another file format.
Contact Peter Guentert (guentert at for details.

Hope this helps,
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