HELP, I need an anonymous FTP site to put my program

Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Tue Jun 6 17:45:30 EST 1995

Zac and other bioscientists are most welcome to send your software
for public distribution to IUBio Archive.

Use FTP to, put contributions in the
Incoming/ folder.  Please include a "readme" abstract file
describing your contribution.
IUBio Archive is an archive of biology data and software.  The
archive includes items to browse, search and fetch molecular
data, software, biology news and documents, as well as links to
remote information sources in biology and elsewhere.

Molecular biology is the area of concentration, and it is also a
home for Drosophila research data  (FlyBase) and other biology and
science information.  The archive will maintain
software for Macintosh, MS-DOS, Unix, VMS, and any other
important computer operating systems.   It also maintains current
biosequence databanks, including Genbank, SwissProtein, PIR,
which are searchable, as well as the SRS sequence retrieval system.

Access to the archive is via Internet Gopher, World Wide Web
and anonymous FTP (file transfer) programs that connect to computers 
on the Internet.

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