PDBV in ftp.bio.indiana.edu

Ezequiel H.Panepucci - System Manager zac at LANCE.IFQ.SC.USP.BR
Tue Jun 6 20:50:07 EST 1995

Here I am again,
	PDBV is now on the anonymous ftp site ftp.bio.indiana.edu
at the Incoming directory there you'll find three files:

  3843  pdbv.README
385187  pdbv.tar.Z
257121  pdbv.tar.gz

The README contains installation instructions.
Get one of the compressed files.
If you have a slow connection (as I have) you can use the 
C-shell script at the end of the message to download the package.

In a unix machine you can give the following command to submit
this script at a later time ( 2:00 AM for example):

% at 2:00
./ftp.com >& ftp.log

Enjoy and please, send comments to me !!


---CUT HERE--- call this file ftp.com for example
#!/bin/csh -f
# Batch FTP command file
# Ezequiel HP
# Fri Nov 11 09:51:38 EST 1994

set USUARIO = `whoami`
set MAQUINA = `hostname`

unset noclobber
cd $home

echo "open ftp.bio.indiana.edu \
user anonymous $USUARIO@$MAQUINA \
bin \
cd Incoming \
get pdbv.README \
get pdbv.tar.gz \
get pdbv.tar.Z \
quit" | ftp -n -i -v -d

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