Protein folding problem solved?

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Mon Jun 12 06:04:20 EST 1995

rvenable at (Rick Venable) writes:

>On 11 Jun 1995 14:41:15 GMT Simon Brocklehurst (Bioc) pontificated:

Ha ha ha.

>> The take-home message to be drawn from comparisons NMR and X-ray 
>> structures is that they're pretty much the same for all parts of the 
>> protein, not just the core.

>While that is *generally* true, I suggest that there have been enough
>exceptions to advise a little skepticism, and not dogmatically accept
>as gospel the notion that a given crystal structure represents the dominant
>solution conformation.

Can't most examples of differences in loop structure between NMR and X-ray 
structures be trivially attributed to crystal contacts?  This isn't
big news. It isn't particularly helpful to suggest that, because of this problem, 
people should be sceptical about all parts of X-ray structures that aren't part of 
the core.
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