Gerard Kleijwegt gerard at
Thu Jun 15 18:23:07 EST 1995

In article <3rpmqf$4vi at>, xyang at (Xiaofeng Yang) writes:
|> I need some help to install the program Procheck which I received from BNL.
|> I followed the each steps of instruction, but when I run it, it outputs
|> error messages: Exec format error. The .log files show "execute binary file
|> error".      The strucure file I know is correct format (PDB format), so that
|> suggests there are something wrong about procheck files. Is there any one 
|> know what it's going on? Any suggestion will be helpful. Thanks for reading 
|> this message.
|> xyang at

sounds as if you've compiled the programs on a machine
type X (e.g., dec alpha) and try to execute them on
another machine type Y (e.g., SGI) ???


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