Electronic Glycoscience Conference

Jerry Thomas jerry at boc.chem.ruu.nl
Tue Jun 20 08:52:04 EST 1995

Dear Colleagues,

The First Electronic Glycoscience Conference (EGC-1) will be held on 
the Internet from Sept 18 - Oct 13, 1995.  This international conference 
will cover a broad range of disciplines related to carbohydrate and 
glycoconjugate molecules including chemical, physical, biological and 
medical areas using theoretical, experimental and computational approaches.

I am organizing the section on Molecular Modeling, Design and Informatics.
If you think you might be interested in participating in this 'virtual'
conference, please contact me.  You can view the full meeting announcement
by gopher <gophher.bio.net:70/0R8963-19966-/GLYCOSCI/9503>, or through
the BIOSCI archives <http://www.bio.net/> by looking at the Mar 95 postings
to bionet.glcosci.

Thanks for reading this message.

Jerry Thomas
jerry at boc.chem.ruu.nl


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