Doug Johnson dwj at lilly.com
Fri Mar 17 09:28:45 EST 1995

{{This was probably meant to be BOYD-LILLY CPK MODELS??}}

Giampaolo Minetti wrote:

>In our department we own an old set of Corey-Pauling Molecular Models that were
> sold by Lilly Research Laboratory in the late 1975 (as EALING PRECISION
> MOLECULAR MODELS, CPK SPACE FILLING MODELS). We now need spare parts but do
> not know whether these items are currently available, since the Italian
agency > of that Company doesn't exist anymore.
> If you can help me, please leave a message  (eg a fax number of Lilly Res Lab)
> Thanks in advance
> ciao
> Giampaolo Minetti
> Dipartimento di Biochimica
> Universita' di Pavia
> via Bassi 21
> fax: 39-382-507240

I checked with Dr. Donald Boyd, who has retired from Lilly Research and
now works at Indiana University/Purdue University at Indianapolis.  Here
is his reply:

"Regarding someone wanting to buy CPK models of beta-lactam rings, etc., they
would have to contact Ealing Corporation in Natick, Massachusetts.  Eli Lilly &
Company never sold the models directly.  I have not heard anything about Ealing
in ages.  They may no longer be in business?"

Maybe someone else familiar with Ealing can take it from here.  Hope this
helps somewhat.
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