Internet Drug Design Course

Thomas HEISTRACHER heistr at
Fri Nov 3 04:42:45 EST 1995

jpo at siris7 (John Overington) wrote:
>  We (Peter Murray-Rust of Glaxo Wellcome, and John Overington of Pfizer) 
>would like to announce an initiative in industrial training for medicinal
>chemists interested in applying protein structure-based drug design (SBDD)
>techniques as part of their jobs. Additionally, skills in effectively using
>the internet as a scientific resource will also be developed. The course will
>use self-paced, internet-based training, coupled to close contact with
>course 'tutors', working in the pharmaceutical industry.
>  We are currently looking for further partners to offer financial support,
>and course material. Partners need to have a presence in the UK to qualify for
>potential funding under a Technology Foresight grant; although the basic
>course material will be generally accessible over the internet to the wider
>  Further details, and a draft prospectus can be found at
>  If you have any further questions, we would be pleased to answer them.
>  John Overington     jpo at
>  Peter Murray-Rust   ubcg09q at
>Dr. John Overington                   email: overingtonj at
>Pfizer Central Research               phone:   +44-(0)1304-618467
>Sandwich, Kent, CT13 9NJ                fax:   +44-(0)1304-618422
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