Chem3D and PDB files

CamSci camsci at
Fri Nov 10 11:02:35 EST 1995

>I have just installed Chem3D for Windows, and find that it has
>trouble reading files of non-protein molecules in PDB format.
>Furthermore, it can write PDB files from molecules I create in
>Chem3D, and then fail to read back those same PDB files. Chem3D
>issues an erroor message about "missing residue data".


It is probably best to contact our technical support department at 
support at However, here are some things to try:

When you choose the PDB file format from the Open file dialog, there
should be an Options button. Click on the Options button and uncheck the 
expect residue information checkbox. This should allow you to bypass the
missing residue data message.

Some data: Chem3D does not write residue information when saving as a PDB
We hope to change this in the near future, but for the time being Chem3D
does not
have a way of knowing that a specific atom is part of a specific residue.
while reading the file in, Chem3D can make use of the residue information
- if it is

Hope this information helps, and please contact us directly if you are
still having problems.

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CambridgeSoft Corporation
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