literature on protein folding models?

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>Hello.  After an absence of a few years, I am
>continuing some research on the protein folding 
>problem.  That is, I am refining a mathematical model
>to predict a globular protein's tertiary structure
>from its primary sequence.  
>But I'm a little behind on the literature.
>Can anyone point me to any recent (last 5 years) published
>developments in the field?  Journal review articles would
>be ideal.  To be more specific, I am mainly interested in
>semi-empirical methods that try to exploit general
>geometric characteristics of known folded proteins.
>Some of these are known as distance geometry models.
>I am not as interested in homologous modelling or
>secondary structures.
>         Thank you.

	George Rose coauthored a paper earlier in 1995 on a computer model 
called LINUS which predicts 3o structure from 1o.  The model exploits 3 
fundamental assumptions, one of which is conserving correct sequences through 
5,000 iterations.  I have yet to read the paper myself, but I intend to 
shortly.  This sounds like it applies directly to your project..good luck

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