help in 3D (reply)

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Tue Nov 28 18:02:41 EST 1995

>I would like to create a 3D structure of molecules like HLA-G, HLA-E, 
>I know there is no previous X-ray crystals and I am wondering if there 
>is any program able to do it.

	I think what you are looking for is homology modelling. You'd 
need a pretty powerful computer to do this sort of work. However I 
suggest the easy approach and connect to the swiss-prot database at:

There you should find a swiss-model option which will do the modelling 
for you. The results will be sent to you via e-mail. I suugest you read 
their information pages first and take the structure you recieve with a 
pinch of salt. Snail-mail me if you need any more help

			Good luck

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