Molecular Modeling and Graphics Production

Sean Smith ssmith at BCM.TMC.EDU
Tue Sep 5 19:47:29 EST 1995

September 5, 1995

Molecular Modeling and Graphics Production

	I am currently offering high resolution photographs/slides or 
die-sublimation prints of molecular models or three dimensional (cartoon) 
pictures suitable for publication or presentations.   Models may be 
submitted in PDB, MOL2, CRD, or PSV.  Cartoon construction may be 
submitted as a sketch or referenced from previous work.
	I will also retrieve or construct appropriate models as 
requested.  Please send any questions or requests directly to 
ssmith at

Published Work:
1.  D.J. Kessler, B.M. Pettitt, Y.K. Cheng, S.R. Smith, K. Jayaraman, 
H.M. Vu, M.E. Hogan Triple helix formation at distant sites:  hybrid 
oligonucleotides containing a polymeric linker: (1993) Nucleic Acids 
Research 21(20):4810-4815.
2.  J.B. Lamture, K.L. Beattie, B.E. Burke, M.D. Eggers, D.J. Ehrlich, R. 
Fowler, M.A. Hollis, B.B. Kosicki, R.K. Reich, S.R. Smith,  R.S. Varma, 
M.E. Hogan. Direct Detection of Nucleic Acid hybridization on the Surface 
of a Charge Coupled Device.  (1994)  Nucleic Acids Research 22(11):2121-25.
3.  M. Eggers, M. Hogan, B. Reich, J. Lamture, D. Ehrlich, M. Hollis, B. 
Kosicki, T. Powdrill, K. Beattie, S. Smith, R. Varma, R. Gangadharan, A. 
Mallik, B. Burke, D. Rathman, A. Murphy, R. Mathews A Microchip For 
Quantitative Detection of Molecules Utilizing Luminescent and 
Radioisotope Reporter Groups (1994) BioTechniques 17(3):516-524.
4.  Jack S. Cohen and Michael E. Hogan The New Genetic Medicines  (1994) 
Scientific American 271(6):76-82. 


Sean R. Smith

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