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Second Announcement

Dear Colleague:

	We are pleased to announce the 4th conference on CURRENT TRENDS IN
 COMPUTATIONAL CHEMISTRY. The symposium organized by Jackson State University 
 will cover all areas of Computational Chemistry as well as Quantum Chemistry. 
 The local host of the conference is US Army Engineer Waterways Experiment 
 Station in Vicksburg.               
 The meeting will be held at the Holiday Inn of Vicksburg (40 miles west from
 Jackson), Mississippi on November 3 & 4, 1995.  The format consists of a 
 series of plenary lectures and poster presentations on Friday and Saturday
 followed by a banquet on Saturday evening. In addition a welcoming
 reception and  poster presentations are scheduled on Friday night.
 There will be talks covering applications as well as theory.  

	We are planning to publish extended abstracts (up to 4 pages) of 
all invited talks and poster presentations.

	 Enclosed are Announcement Poster, a registration form 
and a housing information. The deadline for registration and  
abstract submission is October 1, 1995.

				Jerzy Leszczynski
Address:Jerzy Leszczynski,
Jackson State University,                               
Dept of Chemistry,
1400 JR Lynch St.,
Jackson, MS - 39217.  
Phone: (601) 973-3482
Fax: (601) 973-3674.
E-Mail : jerzy2 at


The program will include invited papers and contributed posters in 
all areas of Quantum and Computational Chemistry.

	Martin Head-Gordon      University of California Berkeley       
				"Linear Scaling Self-Consistent Field 
				Calculations:Progress and Prospects"
	Kendall Houk            University of California Los Angeles
				"Theoretical Studies of Aromatic Molecules: 
				From Cn through Octapyrroles"
	Andrew Komornicki       Polyatomics Research Institute
	Alfred H.Lowrey         Naval Research Laboratory
				"Theoretical Linear Solvation Energy          
				Relationships for Properties of Energetic 

	Vincent B.McKoy         California Institute of Technology
				"Studies of Electron-Molecule Collisions 
				Using Parallel Computers"
	William H.Miller        University of California Berkeley

	Vincent Ortiz           University of New Mexico

	Eiji Osawa              Toyohashi University of Technology
				"Further Developments in Conformational 
				Space Search"
	Paul v.R. Schleyer      Universitat Erlangen-Nurnberg
				"Details of Neighboring Group Participation  
	Isaiah Shavitt          Ohio State University
				"Multirefence Methods in Electronic 
				Structure Theory"
	Jeffery Skolnick        Scripps Research Institute
				"Prediction of Protein Structure"
	John Stanton            University of Texas at Austin
				"Overview of the Equation-of-Motion coupled
				Cluster Methods"

	Don Truhlar             University of Minnesota
				"Solvation Effects on Chemical Structure,
				Equilibria, and Reactivity"

Registration form:

			 4th Conference on


	    NOVEMBER 3 & 4, 1995, Jackson, Mississippi

1.  NAME:


    TELEPHONE:                  FAX:            E-MAIL:

2.  If you wish to present a poster, please indicate the title
    below.   All abstracts are due October 1, 1995 (up to 4
    pages in length, presenting author underlined, photo-ready 
    quality, in duplicate) to ensure publication in the Conference 



3.  Conference materials, Banquet and reception fee, all meals from 
    breakfast on Friday through dinner on Saturday, coffee and 
    refreshments are included per paid participant.  

    Make checks payable to :    Conference on "Current Trends in Computational
    in accord with the fee structure listed below.

    Registration fee before October 1, 1995, $125.00 $-------
    Registration fee thereafter, $ 175.00              $-------
    Registration fee at student discount, $50.00       $-------

5.  HOUSING:  The organizers will not make housing reservations.
    In order to reserve a room at a special conference rate of
    $50.00-$60.00 per room  call Holiday Inn of Vicksburg, 3330 Clay Street,
    Vicksburg, Ms-39180.  Phone (601)636-4551, Fax:(601)636-4552.  The 
    reservation should be arranged with the Holiday Inn before 
    October 15, 1995.

    I do -------     do not ------- plan to stay at the conference



Please type all entries and return to Jerzy Leszczynski, Department
of Chemistry, Jackson State University.  P.O.Box 17910, Jackson,
MS 39217.


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