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Geoff Barton gjb at
Tue Dec 10 06:02:51 EST 1996

Ira Ropson wrote:
> Hi world,
> I would like to superimpose three structures in the same family of
> proteins for comparison purposes for a paper I'm writing on the folding
> of proteins having considerable sequence heterogeneity but very similar
> X-ray structures. The proteins are intestinal fatty acid binding
> protein (131 aa), cellular retinol binding protein 2 (133 aa), and
> cellular retinoic acid binding protein (136 aa). I can superimpose them
> by eye useing Berkeley RASMAC, and they look pretty good, but I would
> like to do a better job by mathematically fitting the backbones of
> these proteins to each other. I have insightII available to me on an
> SGI, but it states that you have to have the same number of atoms to do
> the superposition. Does anyone know of an easy way to do this
> (preferably without spending any money)? Is there an easy way to do
> this in insightII?
> Thanks,
> Ira Ropson
> iropson at
> If I had time for a fancy Sig file I problably wouldn't have a job.

STAMP (Structural Alignment of Multiple Proteins) will do what you want.
See: as well as our WWW pages.
The manual is on-line at

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