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Wed Dec 11 16:40:01 EST 1996

lee shekter wrote:
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> Elias Lolis <lolis at ELIRIS.MED.YALE.EDU> wrote:
> >The Dean's Office of the Yale School of Medicine has asked a committee
> >to assess the school's existing and future needs for computer resources
> >(hardware, software, and training) and recommend ways to meet those
> >needs.  One area of increasing need which the committee wants to
> >address is molecular modelling.  I would appreciate any information you
> >can share with me on the resources (hardware and software) available to
> >the faculty, research staff, and students at your institution.  Are
> >these resources maintained by central staff or does it belong to a
> >research group which may make them available to others?  How is cost
> >recovered for the establishment and maintenance of these facilities?
> >Any response, regardless of how brief, will be greatly appreciated.
> >
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> >Sincerely,
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> >Elias Lolis, PhD
> >Pharmacology Department
> >Yale University
> Here at the University of Chicago we have a mix of central resources and
> those belonging to research groups. The central resource consists of a
> variety of machines, the main one being a 10-processor SGI PowerChallenge
> with 1024MB of main memory and another 2.4 GB of swap and, last I heard,
> >50GB of storage. Lots of different software is available including the
> entire BioSym InsightII suite. Anyone on campus can get an account, but
> priority is limited. If one gives some money to the operation of this
> machine, then one's priority is bumped up commensurate with the amount of
> money. There are other SGI workstations available for public use around
> the campus. The idea is that a researcher will use his/her grant money to
> purchase a processor or two in the main machine and also a small SGI (like
> an O2) for the front end. That way, he/she gets access to lots of memory
> for large jobs like molecular dynamics (30,000 atoms = ~500MB) when they
> need it without having to plunk down all that capital. Also, the machine
> is "taken care of" so one does not need to worry about crashes (which are
> rare) or backups etc.
> Hope this helps a bit!
> --
> Lee Shekter
> Dept. of Pharmacology and Physiology
> The University of Chicago
> Chicago, Illinois 60637

Dear Dr. Shekter,
Pardon me for eavesdropping, it seems that you're very knowledgable
about computerized molecular modelling.

I'm an in-house recruiter for Bayer Corporation located in Berkeley, CA.
I am currently trying to recruit for one of my managers a Bioinformatics
scientist. Do you know of anyone interested in seeking a position in
bioinformatics and in the Bay area of CA?

I will thank you in advance if you respond.

Sincerely, Michael Yoon

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