Best protein structure program

Jeffrey Yuziuk jayuziuk at
Thu Dec 19 21:45:37 EST 1996

Brett Phinney (brettsp at wrote:
: I was wondering if there is any general opinion on what is currently the
: best computer program available for determining the three dimensional
: structure of a protein from its primary sequence. I know there is really
: no way to do this besides getting a crystal structure, but is there one
: program that is better then the others?
: Thanks a lot
: Brett Phinney
: Cell Research Institute
: University of Texas, Austin

As a tag-on, is there a shareware program somewhere for mac that can
develop an estimate of 2D structure from aa sequence? Something based on
Chou-Fasman or "better" would be great, to give an idea of alpha-helix
and/or beta-sheet/turn content.


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