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> Dear all,
>   I'm looking for server or software that can simulate folding of the
> protein which I had predict its 2nd structure. I tired of surfing the net.
> Does anyone know about this kind of program. 
> If it can run on Dos, Windows 3.x, Windows 95, Windows NT, Dec Alpha ,Unix
> or mac, it will be most useful for us(For SGI I have to pay for using it).
> It can be any kinds of shareware,freeware or commercialware. 
>                                                         Yours sincerely,
>                                                         Panapat Uawithya
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Hello Panapat,

There is a shareware program called "FoldIt" that can predict and display
protein secondary structures. Here is some information on how to get it:

                              FoldIt (light) Version 4.1.1

You'll find two versions of the application:
€ Use the 'FoldIt (light) FAT' version if you are using a Power Mac or a
Macintosh equipped with a 68LC040 CPU.
€ Use the 'FoldIt (light) FPU' version if you are using a machine equipped
with a 68030 CPU (+68881/82 coprocessor) or with a full 68040 CPU (not a

This application works on Macintosh computer running under System 7 and higher.

A 256-color monitor is recommended.

Put the 'FoldIt Prefs' folder (delivered with this application) into the
'System Folder'.

'FoldIt (light) Help' is a stand alone document which contains all what
you need to know to make the best use of 'FoldIt (light)'. You can print
it. It is recommended to put its alias in the 'Apple Menu Items'. Balloon
help is also supported.

Three 'FoldIt (light)' binary files (suffix '.FIT') can be found in the
'FoldIt (light)' Folder. To start and get used to the program just
double-click on the myoglobin file '1MBA.FIT'.
A fourth binary file ('Batch35.RamW') shows the capabilities of 'FoldIt
(light)' to batch process structural data.
A PDB text file ('3PCY.PDB') has also been put in this folder as a
remainder of what PDB files look like (in order to view this text file in
a clean fashion, set font to monaco 9).
Finally, the text file 'HEM.PDB' containing the coordinates of an hem
group illustrates the capability of 'FoldIt (light)' to display the
structure of any compound as long as the PDB format is respected.
FoldIt (light)
Jean-Claude JÉSIOR/ CNRS, Grenoble
e-mail: jean-claude.jesior at
Version 4.1.1 - Sunday, 24 December 1995
developed with Symantec Think Pascal.
FAT version compiled with Metrowerks Code Warrior.

Maarten Engel (Holland)

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