Inexpensive Molecular Modelling Software Wanted (Macintosh)

Thomas Hoeg-Jensen tshj at
Fri Jan 19 05:13:42 EST 1996

In article <4dlk5j$b3e at>, camsci at (CamSci) wrote:

> >I'm looking for some molecular modelling software (e.g. ChemOffice 
> >or ChemDraw)  for the Mac that doesn't cost  an arm and a leg.  Anyone
> have 
> >any suggestions?  Please reply here or to my e-mail at 
> >mlinger at  Thanks.
I suggest you take a look at MacMimic, from Instar Software, Email:
sundinKC at I believe a demo is available.
In my indepent opinion the building tools in the MacMimic package is the
best on the market, including UNIX packages.
There are of course limitations in computing capacity compared to UNIX
packages, but MacMimic do incoorporates a MM2 module for simple energy
minimizations, up to 200 atoms.

Good luck, Thomas

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