new fast PDB viewer (MAC+PC)

nguex at nguex at
Thu Mar 21 09:47:38 EST 1996

Dear Swiss-PdbViewer users,

Release 1.2 has been uploaded. You can download it from

-A major reorganization of the source code has been done in order
 to support the PC platform. 
 A PC version 1.0b is now available (Windows NT and Windows 95). 
 This version behaves quite as the Mac version, and users should
 be able to switch among platforms without trouble.

-On the Mac side, you can now choose to download either the PPC
 version, the 68K fpu version or a FAT version.
 The lucky owners of a PowerMac can now render nice images
 directly from within the application if they install Quickdraw3D. 

To know more about changes and new features, look at:

Have fun!

  If you want to discuss "in vivo" of the future development of
  Swiss-PdbViewer, feel free to meet me at the
   "International Symposium on Theoretical and Computational
    Genome research" (25-27 March) at Heidelberg
  or at the USGEB96 meeting (28-29 March) at the Zurich-Irchel

  If you want to discuss "in silico", use the following adress:
  ng45767 at

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