molecular modelling resource survey

Elias Lolis lolis at ELIRIS.MED.YALE.EDU
Thu Nov 21 16:01:02 EST 1996

The Dean's Office of the Yale School of Medicine has asked a committee
to assess the school's existing and future needs for computer resources
(hardware, software, and training) and recommend ways to meet those
needs.  One area of increasing need which the committee wants to
address is molecular modelling.  I would appreciate any information you
can share with me on the resources (hardware and software) available to
the faculty, research staff, and students at your institution.  Are
these resources maintained by central staff or does it belong to a
research group which may make them available to others?  How is cost
recovered for the establishment and maintenance of these facilities? 
Any response, regardless of how brief, will be greatly appreciated. 


Elias Lolis, PhD
Pharmacology Department
Yale University

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