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Thu Oct 3 15:31:33 EST 1996

There are many companies investigating small molecule drug interactions. 
 Among these are Genentech (, Roche Molecular Systems 
(, Bayer Pharmaceutical (510) 705-5000 front desk, Arris 
Pharmaceutical ( "...receptor-based discovery programs designed 
to identify small molecule drugs...", Terrapin Technologies previous work 
with GST inhibitors using molecular modeling (415) 244-9303, Onyx 
(, Protein Design Lab (, and Molecular Research 
Institute (415) 424 9924.  An article in J. Med. Chem. 1994, 37, 189-194
Isozyme-Specific Glutathione-S-Transferase Inhibitors:Design and 
Synthesis written by Lyttle, M.H., Hocker, M.D., Hui C.H. etal describes 
a strategy for studying "Eser Ayanoglu (spectrum)" 
<ayanoglu at> wrote:
>Can anybody help me to find a good reading source for docking, small
>molecule-large molecule (drug-protein) interaction methods and also
>institutions-companies working on these subjects?  Thank you.
>Eser Ayanoglu
>ayanoglu at
drug protein interactions. 

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