MolviewII, free molecule viewing program

cgchoi at cgchoi at
Thu Aug 14 11:44:01 EST 1997

 This is Chyung Q. Choi.
 I am happy to post free molecule viewing program, molviewII.
 The place is One can do
 also ftp. The program is in early stage of development. Therefore
 the features are not sofisticated enough. Better version will be
 posted hopely. The program is developed under Linux using
 Mesa(a kind of openGL) and lesstif(a kind of motif). I know
 this one have many bugs and I am working on it. I have a linux
 version only now. I will try to make it for SGI, Sun or other platforms.
 Any comment, suggestions are welcome. If one have problem
 to download, try
 Still have problem or questions, send me e-mail.


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