MolScript on Linux

John Michael Sauder sauder at
Fri Oct 17 12:57:51 EST 1997

In article <620je2$snj$1 at> merritt at (Ethan A Merritt) writes:
>In article <620464$o15$1 at>,
>John Michael Sauder <sauder at> wrote:
>>	Has anyone successfully compiled MolScript on the Linux platform?
>Yes. Redhat 4.2 / f2c / fort77 / gcc
>It turned out, however, that those routines
>are never referenced by the molscript code so I just deleted them
>				Ethan A Merritt

	Thanks to everyone who has responded to my initial post.
I was able to get MolScript compiled with relatively minimal effort.
Commenting out SYTIME and SYRAND was necessary.  I also had to
modify one routine that was responsible for reading in the help
file.  I changed all the f77's in the makefiles to g77.  Other than 
that, (as far as I can remember), g77 on Slackware 3.3 was able to 
compile a working version.  The executable is significantly smaller 
than the executables on any of our SGI systems.

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