ANNOUNCE: MOLMOL 2.5 (Molecule Display and Analysis)

Andrew Z. Patrzalek patrzale at
Tue Oct 28 22:15:22 EST 1997

Reto Koradi <kor at> writes:
What versions of UNIX. I assume these are only binaries, do you have a version for ix86 Linux?

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>Release 2.5 of MOLMOL, a program for display and analysis of molecules,
>is now available. While the program has a special focus on the handling
>of biological macromolecules, it can also deal with small molecules. The
>last release was downloaded by approximately 1000 sites, and images
>produced with MOLMOL were used in numerous publications and appeared on
>title pages of journals.

>MOLMOL runs on UNIX and Windows NT/95 and is freely available. It can
>be downloaded from the following ftp sites:


>Additional information, including legal conditions for using the
>a list of changes since the last release, example images, etc. can be
>found on the web page:

>Reto Koradi (kor at,

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