AD: Get Professional results With Amateur Models

Thu Apr 23 16:37:00 EST 1998

-1000 poses on pocket sized cards 
-non-intimidating line drawings
-a great idea bank and time saver for the experienced 
-an invaluable crutch for the novice
-having poses on cards allows you to select only the poses you want
-very portable to any location
-overcomes language barriers

For Details, Catalog and Samples

Used by artists, illustrators, studio, fashion and catalogue photographers, 
graphic artists, marketing agencies, art directors and models in
67 countries throughout the world.

"I received the Pose Cards about ten days ago and already 
they've changed the way we do business: We use 25% less film.
Time sent shooting has been cut two thirds. We're getting four
to five times the finished product. My associates think I've 
been struck by GENIUS! Thanks" GF (professional photographer in NJ)



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