Modeling contest

Andrew Dalke dalke at
Wed Feb 18 20:53:53 EST 1998

In article <34E87B2E.C98AA12C at>, Nicolas Schoenlaub
|> <nicolas at> wrote:
|> >Modeltrends Magazine has a modeling contest open to all .
|> >Female ages 12 through 20.

In article <gerard-1702982038570001 at>, gerard at (Gerard Kleywegt) writes:
|> I am intrigued by your definition of "all".
|> I would have loved to submit some of my sexier
|> protein models, but I'm not allowed to !

  Searching 3DB at the PDB shows 181 structures from between
12 and 20 years ago.  Now if I only knew what it means for a
protein to be female ...

                                                   Andrew Dalke

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