PSF file format

Andrew Dalke dalke at
Sun Jan 11 04:19:05 EST 1998

  Don Bashford <bashford at> pretty much explained
everything, but I want to fill in some minor details.

  The PSF file used by NAMD comes from XPLOR, which is a variation of
the PSF format of CHARMM's.  The NAMD developers (of which I was one)
decided to leave the complications to XPLOR, because it is a hard
problem.  We chose XPLOR because that's what we had in-house.

  Will Ware <wware at> asked how to generate a PSF file.
The only way I can suggest to do it is get a copy of XPLOR (or of
CHARMM and write a conversion script; it is a pretty simple
translation).  This isn't a satisfactory answer, but I know of no
freely available program that will do this.  Hint to anyone reading
this;  many people would thank you if you wrote one!

  We were not able to find a good description of the PSF format; we
had to discover it from reverse engineering.  I still don't know what
the last column of the ATOM line describes:

      66 !NATOM
       1 MAIN 1    ACE  CA   CH3E   0.000000E+00   15.0350           0
                                                        This one  ---^

Will also asked a few questions about the h-bond donor/acceptor lines.
For NAMD, those are ignored because the CHARMM force field no longer
depends on it.  Plus, reverse engineering that section of the code was

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