XmMol 3.1 release

Pierre Tuffery tuffery at urbb.jussieu.fr
Fri Jan 16 05:13:55 EST 1998

This is to announce the release of XmMol 3.1, a desktop tool
for molecular visualization.
The distribution is now made via the web instead of the
ftp server: http://duc.urbb.jussieu.fr/XmMol.html

What is new in XmMol 3.1

- Much enhanced interface with Raster3D and MolScript to reach
 a quick and simple preparation of cartoons including
different representations.
- The possibility to manage files including different molecular
types (DNA, Proteins, ...).
- The possibility to have different representation types at the same
time for fragments of a same file (a consequence of the previous point).
- Enhanced documentation (2 postscript manuals included).
- New delegates but also deep modification of some commands that
will need an adaptation of the delegates used with the previous
- Enhanced ablity for non PseudoColor displays.

This was done, as for previous versions, with the aim to keep XmMol a
desktop tool easy to use, that should allow 'ad lib' colouring, atom
display and rendering selection.


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