protein surface hydrophobicity

Michel Seigneuret seigneur at
Mon Jul 6 12:01:29 EST 1998

Dear Collegues,
I would like to use Grasp in order to display the local hydrophobicity
on the molecular surface of a non-charged peptide. For this I would
prefer to use atom-based rather than residue-based hydrophobicity
values (e.g. as is apparently done for QSAR analysis of small
molecules).Could somebody indicate me if such a method to calculate
atom-based hydrophobicity parameters for proteins does exist, with
reference to some publications or to an available program ?
Thanks in advance.

Michel Seigneuret
Universite Paris 6, Lab. de Physicochimie Biomoleculaire et Cellulaire
4, place Jussieu, 75252 Paris cedex 05, France

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