New transmembrane topoly prediction server

Gabor E. Tusnady tusi at
Fri Oct 9 06:58:32 EST 1998

Dear Colleague,

I'm pleased to announce that a new prediction server for transmembrane
helices and topology prediction is available at

The program description can be found at the Web site above, as well. 
The program is the adaptation of our new prediction method described in

G.E.Tusnady and I. Simon (1998)
	Principles Governing Amino Acid Composition of Integral Membrane 
	Proteins: Application to Topology Prediction
	J. Mol. Biol. 283, (2), 489-506.

If you have any questions or problem, don't hesitate to e-mail me 
(tusi at

Best regards

Gabor E. Tusnady _/_/_/_/_/_/   _/   _/_/_/  _/ 
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