Post-doc opening: molecular modeling of protein-DNA complexes

Jeffrey L. Nauss jnauss at
Mon Sep 7 14:04:15 EST 1998

Molecular Simulations Inc. has an *immediate* opening for a
post-doctoral scientist to investigate the dynamics of topoisomerase I,
its complex with DNA, and possibly new drug candidates. The position
will involve extensive use of a variety of software packages being
developed here at MSI.

This position will be in our San Diego office and will last until April
1999.  If you know of anyone interested in this position, please have
them forward their resume and CV to me at the address shown below.

Jeffrey L. Nauss, PhD                                Phone: (619)
Product Specialist, Simulations                    Fax: (619) 458-0136
Molecular Simulations Inc                           E-mail:
jnauss at
9685 Scranton Road
San Diego, CA 92121

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